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May 7, 2014
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May 9, 2014

Transit & Transportation

Air Rights to Fund Transit in Our Region

The future of transit in Surrey and south of the Fraser River has been left and frankly mismanaged for way to long. A skytrain system is the best option to move people along municipalities, but the current governments opted for an inter community link for Surrey neighbourhoods. Since this is ready to go and funding in place going for an option that would delay the city a viable option for moving people and building infrastructure could be a mistake. Listening to the people I have come to conclusion that a skytrain system is what the people of Surrey and the rest of the region want. Putting a halt to the LRT to change the funding options both federally and provincially need to happen and will be put on the agenda for the first council meeting if I aM elected to council.

What should happen is going for Air Rights from developers and have them help fund  a portion of the transit system along routes that will see an increase in property values and  higher density. This has been done in other jurisdictions and should be done here. Having transportation for the citizens of Surrey and the other connecting regions is good for businesses, healthy living, and the economy over all. This will also attract all the right things that will make Surry the best city in Canada.

Lets open dialogue through web platforms and public meetings for a comprehensive approach to transit in our City’s transit and transportation networks. For an approach that works for the people of Surrey vote for Becky Zhou in this Surrey Election 2018.

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