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May 8, 2014

Tough on Crime



Being a victim of a violent crime, Becky Zhou has first-hand knowledge of the impact on herself and her family and therefore wants to be an influence and a voice in the community on policing matters and community safety. She strongly supports the “No Call is Too Small” that Delta uses and has had a much lower crime rate than Surrey and shares it’s boarder with. Policing issues should be immediately addressed and what ever it takes to make an impact on crime should be implemented immediately  Other tactics like Cops on Dots coined by Kash Heed aimed at putting Police where they are needed at the times they are needed. Surrey’s police force should uses these as their motto’s or mandates to fight crime. We should get as many Police officers  as compared to Vancouver per population. Using these resources with an emphasis on youth programs will make a safer community for ourselves and children growing up in or city .  

Ban Hand Guns – Mandatory Minimums For Carrying Hand Guns or Unrestricted Firearms

No one should go through what Becky Zhou and my family went through. “There is no place for handguns in Canada” say’s Zhou if someone has a handgun they should have it kept at a gun range locked up in safe keeping. There should be a voice that is loud and clear on this subject, if someone is caught with a handgun or a restricted fire are there should be mandatory minimums that are a stiff penalty to discourage anyone from carrying or in possession of. Lets get this message through at a municipal level and then make it loud and clear all the way from city to city to the federal government. 

Help Elect Becky Zhou in Surrey Election 2018

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