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May 6, 2014
Transit & Transportation
May 8, 2014

Housing Affordability

There are 30,000 people moving into the region year after year, We need a comprehensive approach for our entire region and for Surrey on it’s own.
Lets expand  housing support programs with  affordable and subsidized housing for senior and low to moderate incomes earners. Our businesses need to be able to keep their employees in the region of which they can live and work. The city of Surrey can set up it’s own housing registry to help manage the potential growth and displacement of its people.
Going for an Air Rights program we can expand market purpose built rentals, non-profit and co-op housing. In other municipalities around the world have set up a system to create a working relationship with developers and municipalities.  Getting help with market based rentals from developers for the Air rights helps with density around transit systems. This will help solve part of the housing crunch and make a more livable region.

For an approach that works for the people of Surrey vote for Becky Zhou in this Surrey Election 2018.

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