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Becky comes from a family of 6 sisters and one brother.
Becky’s. family member’s have all but one sister moved to
Surrey. Becky Zhou is a Widow of two children.
After an impact of crime Becky lost her husband Colin Hill to a
violent crime in the Cloverdale neighbourhood. Becky and her
husband were very successful Realtor’s. Becky has continued
being a Top Realtor in the Surrey area for the past several
years all while raising her family alone.

This family had and still has a large presence in the city Surrey.
Becky is a Sponsor for South Surrey Chinese community on
regular basis. Becky also Sponsors the Canadian Chinese
Renovation Association, and Yushan Society. Becky also
Helps out the Chinese Tenancy and Landlord association.
Becky has also been a volunteer and supporter of the
Christmas Bureau. Becky is also known as a Hockey Mom as a volunteer and
sponsors of many different Surrey and other local minor Hockey

With a background in Accounting and financing and her
success in being an entrepreneur Becky feels she can make a
difference in the future of Surrey’s housing, community safety
and business. The housing issues that face Surrey and how the
city is growing should be met with great public consultation with
online platforms and public meetings.

Being a victim of crime Becky wants to see and be an influence
in what is happening with community safety. Having a policing
policy of ‘No Call Is Too Small” should be the way of Surrey’s
Police. Small and petty crimes can  lead to more impactful and dangerous crimes in our communities.  Being an advocate for youth sports in our
communities should also be met with more deliberation between
the city and the community to come up with effective solutions
for a better community. Their should be an influence of positive roll models that our youth can look up to and see as great roll models to aspire to become. Setting up programs that encourage and highlight other young professionals in our city as successful and prominent leaders

Having businesses and their leaders coming into Surrey and
making a more visible options for youth to mentor through
should also be looked at for better healthier community.
Roadways and transportation should also have more public
and business consultation. Surrey is well situated for a bright
future in Health, Tech, and being a transportation hub. Having
thoughtful leaders who listens to and bring collaborative ideas
to the City can and will make a difference in the lifestyles and
habitants of Surrey.